Sell a house in La Marina urbanisation

Sell a house in La Marina urbanization 

Do you need to Sell a house in La Marina urbanization quickly because you want to buy a better property on the Costa Blanca? Then your best option is to contact WATSONS REAL ESTATE. You will see how we sell your house in record time and without you having to worry about anything. In addition, we will take care of all the necessary paperwork.

If you are interested in selling a property in La Marina, at WATSONS REAL ESTATE we put ourselves in your shoes and we understand how uncomfortable it is for you to go through all the necessary steps to sell a house in Spain. We are aware of all the paperwork that needs to be carried out and for this reason, our estate agents have specialised in carrying out and speeding up all the paperwork involved in the sale, among which we highlight:

  • Land Registry
  • Deed of sale at the Notary's office
  • Payment of taxes and corresponding fees
  • Change of ownership of utilities (water, electricity, telephone, internet...)

If you want to Sell a house in La Marina urbanization, trust in the experience of WATSONS REAL ESTATE

At WATSONS REAL ESTATE we have a long experience in selling a house in La Marina urbanization. For this reason, most of our clients give us their house exclusively to benefit from multiple advantages.

Our agents know the local property market perfectly and will achieve the best price for your property. We will visit your property for an accurate valuation. It is very important that the valuation is correct, as a price that is too high will favour the sale of other properties of similar characteristics with a lower valuation.

We will carry out a full photographic report of professional quality, together with videos and a thorough data collection to offer potential buyers the most detailed description possible. We have extensive experience in international customer service, so your property will be published on various international real estate portals, on our website, social networks, etc.

Contact us now if you want to Sell a house in La Marina urbanization

If you want to Sell a house in La Marina urbanization  contact WATSONS REAL ESTATE and forget about cumbersome and boring procedures that will take up a lot of your time. Trust in the experience of our real estate agents and they will take care of all the paperwork.

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Contact us now and we will provide you with all the information you need. Our offices are located in the urbanization La Marina. You can visit us personally and get to know our facilities. We will be delighted to help you. Don't forget that we speak fluent English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Dutch... so you will find it very comfortable to talk to us. We are waiting for you at:

  • Calle Amsterdam, 2D - Urbanización La Marina - San Fulgencio (Alicante) - CP 03177
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Sell a House in La Marina Urbanization

When we try to Sell a House in La Marina Urbanization, it is normal to feel exhausted by all the steps we have to take: quality photographs with attractive framing, writing persuasive texts to attract attention, knowing the different marketing platforms and real estate portals to publish ads, positioning the ads to get more visibility, talking to potential international clients, travelling to make visits, negotiating price...

There are many aspects to take into account to effectively sell any property, it is not enough to simply take four photos, describe the features and place ads on portals. Selling requires much more than that. That's why we recommend that you save time, energy and effort in selling a house on your own and seek help from local experts in this urbanization, we will help you with:

  • Taking quality photographs
  • Attractive and persuasive description
  • Marketing plan development
  • Positioning of advertisements on reputable portals
  • Managing enquiries and visits from potential clients
  • Price negotiation
  • etc.

Why Sell a House in La Marina Urbanization with WATSONS REAL ESTATE?

In addition to the reasons we have described above for selling a House in La Marina Urbanizationn with us, you should know that we offer a quality service, very professional and multilingual. We will communicate with you in your language, so you will be able to easily understand all the information we will provide you with. Furthermore, we will be able to speak in the language of the potential client who is looking for a property in La Marina Urbanización, this is a great advantage to have more possibilities to sell your house.

Another advantage that helps to sell your house is our wide catalogue of properties that we offer, well maintained and preserved with attractive features that will make a better impression on interested people.

We have all types of homes for sale in this resort, you will find different architectural styles and designs and different styles of properties, from quad houses with swimming pool, townhouses with outdoor terraces, luxury villas, refurbished flats or even private villas with relaxation areas. We have houses with different numbers of bedrooms, fully furnished and ready to move into. Our exclusive selection of properties and their quality and attractive photographs, make it an incentive to attract more interested parties to our real estate agency.

Contact us to help you Sell a House in La Marina Urbanization without complications

Looking to Sell a House in La Marina Urbanization quickly and easily? Contact us today and start to forget about all the hassle of selling a house on your own. We will advise you throughout the whole selling process, informing you of all the services that you will obtain by relying on us, and we will constantly inform you of the evolution of the selling process so that you will be satisfied and at ease.

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